Update new design Txbit Exchange

  • Our current design is mostly in a dark theme, with a switch to the light theme. In the new design, we will make the step to a light theme design. With the light theme, the design will be bright, light, and modern.
  • Every single page is redesigned. Some pages will only have a couple of small layout changes, while other pages will become completely different.
  • The trading terminal will be made with a dark theme (night modus) for an optimal trading experience. The layout of the trading terminal will be changed, based on the layouts of the most used and well-known trading terminals. In this way, trading will be a much smoother experience for new users as the trading terminal will have much more recognizable elements.
  • One of the major changes will be the homepage. The new design will separate the homepage and the markets area into two pages. In the new situation, you will get a small section of the markets on the homepage with something like top gainers and top volume coins. The homepage will be much better to comprehend with less irrelevant information. We separated several features into specific pages to make the homepage less “in your face”.
  • The characteristic of the current design is a layout with square outlined elements. The new design will be much more spacious and modern.
  • The colors will be totally different and will be based on the new logo. We will change the colors from blue and orange into a bright light blue with some nice gradient blended with a dark blue color. It will be like a 5-star Michelin color dinner for your eyes.
  • With the new design, there will be more places for information and links to the Txbit Academy. We think it is valuable to deliver a form of education to users that are new. For example, when you deposit or withdraw, there will be a link to our academy with more information and tips on how to use things.
  • Txbit Token will get its own page with all the information that you need, like burn schedule, tokenomics, and contract address.
  • We will launch a Bug Bounty Program in the new design.
  • The Txbit Academy will also be completely redesigned and based on the new design of the exchange.
  • The Txbit Academy will be improved with more articles and tutorials. The current articles will be rewritten based on the new design.
  • Some parts of the website layout will remain roughly the same, like the withdrawal and deposit pages. Users are known with a certain input field order. To prevent mistakes, we will not make huge changes to those sections.

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