Upcoming delistings

  • When there is no more team commitment to the project (1);
  • Low average trading volumes over long periods of time (2);
  • Level of public communication from the project team (3);
  • Technical or security issues with blockchain (4);
  • Evidence of unethical or fraudulent behavior (5);
  • Responsiveness to due diligence requests (6);
  • Other reasons, for which the exchange deems conducting business with the project unacceptable or risky (7).
  • Mehh Coin (MEHHC), reason 4–1 (blockchain stalled, withdrawals not possible)
  • AmsterdamCoin (AMS), reason 4 (blockchain stalled, withdrawals not possible)
  • Hodl Coin (HODL), reason 4–1
  • STORJ, reason 2
  • Parachute (PAR), reason 2
  • Swarm (SWM), reason 2
  • BitFlowers (PETAL), reason 2
  • Mehh Coin (MEHHC)
  • AmsterdamCoin (AMS)
  • Hodl Coin (HODL)
  • Parachute (PAR)
  • Swarm (SWM)
  • Petal Flowers (PETAL)

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