Upcoming delistings

To improve the overall experience on our exchange, we decided to delist some assets. Several factors can lead to delisting, including:

  • When there is no more team commitment to the project (1);
  • Low average trading volumes over long periods of time (2);
  • Level of public communication from the project team (3);
  • Technical or security issues with blockchain (4);
  • Evidence of unethical or fraudulent behavior (5);
  • Responsiveness to due diligence requests (6);
  • Other reasons, for which the exchange deems conducting business with the project unacceptable or risky (7).

On the 📅 11th of July, the following markets will close:

  • Mehh Coin (MEHHC), reason 4–1 (blockchain stalled, withdrawals not possible)
  • AmsterdamCoin (AMS), reason 4 (blockchain stalled, withdrawals not possible)
  • Hodl Coin (HODL), reason 4–1
  • STORJ, reason 2
  • Parachute (PAR), reason 2
  • Swarm (SWM), reason 2
  • BitFlowers (PETAL), reason 2

On the 📅 15th of August, the following assets will be delisted:

  • Mehh Coin (MEHHC)
  • AmsterdamCoin (AMS)
  • Hodl Coin (HODL)
  • Parachute (PAR)
  • Swarm (SWM)
  • Petal Flowers (PETAL)

!! Please withdraw your funds before 📅 15th of August 2022!! The remaining funds are not recoverable.

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Social Media

Telegram — https://t.me/txbit
Twitter — https://twitter.com/txbit_io
Medium — https://txbit.medium.com/
Discord — https://discord.com/invite/q3h3p4U
Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/txbit_io/

⚠️ Beware of scammers and impersonators in Txbit social channels like Telegram, Discord, or Twitter. We will never ask you to give us your password, we will never ask you to send funds to unlock your account, deposits, or withdrawals, and do not send any money to anyone claiming to be a member of the Txbit team or staff. We never DM you first!

👀 This publication does not offer investment advice and nothing in here be construed as investment advice. Our publications provide information and education for investors who can make their investment decisions.




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