Txbit.io — Beta v1 details, and what comes next

Beta v1 Details

  • Txbit.io Beta v1 will be strictly limited to testnet coins only, such as Bitcoin Testnet and Solaris Testnet.
  • The beta will be running from 24th of October until the 24th of November. The first 3 weeks of the beta will be limited to invitation only, and during the final 4th week the exchange will be opened to everyone.
  • Week 1 — Solaris Holders only (1,000+ XLR) — Apply nowfor guaranteed first access: https://goo.gl/forms/TOb6Q5vqZnab1Ik53
  • Week 2 — Randomly selected invites from txbit.io beta sign-up page — Applications will open 23rd of October on www.txbit.io website
  • Week 3 — Remaining invites from txbit.io beta sign-up page.
  • Week 4 — Beta v1 open for everyone.
  • After Week 4, the beta will be shut down for preparation of Beta v2 in December. (Read details about Beta v2 below)

Beta v2 Details

  • Beta v2 will be open to everyone.
  • Beta v2 will support real coin trading, deposits and withdrawals.
  • Beta v2 will run for approximately 1 month. The Beta tag will then be dropped for the full release of txbit.io. There will be no downtime for the change.
  • BTC, ETH and XLR base markets.
  • A number of large and small coins will go live with v2, and more projects will get implemented throughout the v2 beta.
  • Some advanced trading order types such as Stop Loss, Stop Limit, Fill-Or-Kill, Trailing Stop-Loss and One-Cancels-Other. More order types will get implemented in the coming months.
  • Multiple Language Support — English, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Chinese and Lithuanian. Support for more languages will be added gradually.
  • 50% Net Transaction Fee Sharing — Solaris Reward Program — https://medium.com/@txbit/a-detailed-look-into-solaris-reward-program-txbit-io-26e056dc1d22
  • Referral Program — Receive 20% commision of the referred trading fees for life (Launch Promotion: 25% on all referrals until 1st of June 2019)
  • No ERC20 token support until after v2.

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