Txbit.io — Beta v1 details, and what comes next

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are absolutely delighted to announce the Beta v1 of txbit.io exchange, during which we will be stress testing our system as well as gathering feedback from our users that will be considered, reviewed and implemented into subsequent releases and updates. We want to underline that the first beta is limited in terms of functionality, with many advanced features coming for beta v2 as well as full release after that. User Feedback and suggestions will play a major role in the txbit.io ecosystem, with custom built forums coming to the exchange soon after full release. We are committed to following an agile and iterative development process, allowing us to rapidly develop, test and deploy new features to ensure lasting user experience satisfaction in the ever evolving landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Beta v1 Details

As already mentioned, the main purpose of this beta is to stress test the system with real user interaction as well as gather feedback that will be incorporated into subsequent releases and updates.

A feedback survey will be readily available on the exchange for all participants to voice their suggestions, and all of the responses will be carefully examined and considered for implementation.

  • Txbit.io Beta v1 will be strictly limited to testnet coins only, such as Bitcoin Testnet and Solaris Testnet.
  • The beta will be running from 24th of October until the 24th of November. The first 3 weeks of the beta will be limited to invitation only, and during the final 4th week the exchange will be opened to everyone.
  • Week 1 — Solaris Holders only (1,000+ XLR) — Apply nowfor guaranteed first access: https://goo.gl/forms/TOb6Q5vqZnab1Ik53
  • Week 2 — Randomly selected invites from txbit.io beta sign-up page — Applications will open 23rd of October on www.txbit.io website
  • Week 3 — Remaining invites from txbit.io beta sign-up page.
  • Week 4 — Beta v1 open for everyone.
  • After Week 4, the beta will be shut down for preparation of Beta v2 in December. (Read details about Beta v2 below)

Beta v2 Details

The planned launch for txbit beta v2 is mid-December, which will run for approximately 1 month before the Beta tag will be dropped for the official launch of txbit. There will be no down-time for the transition from beta to full release. For all intents and purposes, beta v2 will be as close to a production ready product as it will get. Some advanced features will still be disabled, but gradually will come online within the coming weeks and months. See the brief summary of extra features and functionality that will be available for txbit.io beta v2:

  • Beta v2 will be open to everyone.
  • Beta v2 will support real coin trading, deposits and withdrawals.
  • Beta v2 will run for approximately 1 month. The Beta tag will then be dropped for the full release of txbit.io. There will be no downtime for the change.
  • BTC, ETH and XLR base markets.
  • A number of large and small coins will go live with v2, and more projects will get implemented throughout the v2 beta.
  • Some advanced trading order types such as Stop Loss, Stop Limit, Fill-Or-Kill, Trailing Stop-Loss and One-Cancels-Other. More order types will get implemented in the coming months.
  • Multiple Language Support — English, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Chinese and Lithuanian. Support for more languages will be added gradually.
  • 50% Net Transaction Fee Sharing — Solaris Reward Program — https://medium.com/@txbit/a-detailed-look-into-solaris-reward-program-txbit-io-26e056dc1d22
  • Referral Program — Receive 20% commision of the referred trading fees for life (Launch Promotion: 25% on all referrals until 1st of June 2019)
  • No ERC20 token support until after v2.

About txbit.io

Txbit is proudly made and based in the Netherlands. A cryptocurrency exchange built from the ground up to meet today’s demands in security, privacy, reliability and speed. The proprietary trading engine and interface deliver a blazing-fast, world-class user experience catering to traders who enjoy spending some time behind the charts, but also to those who prefer to be in and out quickly.

Today’s cryptocurrency exchange industry is largely split into small, poorly managed and outdated exchanges, and the large, high volume exchanges that are near impossible to be listed on due to high fees and excessive bureaucracy. Txbit aims to fill this gap, providing a modern exchange platform for everyone to use. We are firm believers in growing the cryptocurrency industry without bankrupting legitimate projects in the process.

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