Txbit Coin of the Month: GUNTHY Token

  • Decentralized licensing and API key management — we use the ETH blockchain to verify a user’s license instead of the more common centralized server or serial keys. This is so the software can be run on different machines at same time, but only by the single authorized user who owns that specific license.
  • Monetary value — Gunbot licensing has just one single billing plan — the one-time payment provides you with a lifetime license. Our software is unique. Customers buy our products via an authorized reseller and then registers his Gunthy wallet. The customer will then receive a specific amount of Gunthy tokens in his ETH wallet, depending on a specific product or license type purchased.
  • License upgrades — it’s now easier than ever to upgrade Gunbot software to a higher tier license or unlock advanced trading strategies. All one needs to do is acquire additional Gunthy tokens from one of several different exchanges and deposit them into your ETH wallet. The software will then check the current token balance that you hold in your registered wallet and unlock different features and license tiers, based on amount of Gunthy tokens you hold in that wallet.
  • Buying Gunthy software products
  • Participating in Trading tournaments on partner exchanges
  • Doing various tasks in community, for example testing new strategies and features, bug hunting etc…
  • As a utility token, Gunthy is primarily used to license software, our software.
  • Unlocking additional exchanges and strategies are just one of benefits holding Gunthy tokens.
  • There is also a community marketplace where Gunthy token can be used as a payment method. Other Gunbot users share strategies for free or even sell their own trading strategies.





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