Trade with 0% fees starting Wednesday on!

Dear Txbit users,

This coming Wednesday Txbit will be launching a brand new feature, subscription based Account Types, giving you the option to trade with 0% fees!

Additionally, subscribing to one of the available account types grants you access to subscriber only chat box, ability to vote on next listings and many more features to be announced!

Account Types

Free — This is the default account type that every registered user has by default. You get all the standard Txbit functionality and features, with no limits on how much you trade, deposit or withdraw. Trading fee for Free account type is 0.2%.

Premium ($1.99 per Month)- This account type includes all the functionality you already use with the Free account type, and gives you additional access to Txbit chat box, ability to vote on next listings and more. The trading fee for Premium accounts is 0.1%.

Ultimate ($4.99 per Month) — This account type, as the name suggests, is the ultimate solution for a power user. Get all the features and functionality of Premium account, and pay 0% while trading on Txbit!

Annual subscriptions are also available for the account types, with 20% lower subscription cost compared to monthly cycle.

Payment Methods

To simplify the payment process, we integrated a number of options for you to use.

You can pay with Cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT and other major coins straight from your Txbit balance, or by using a Coinbase checkout link.

Additionally you can pay with a Credit/Debit card from major providers, as well as use payment services such as Paypal, iDEAL, ApplePay, Eps, SOFORT and more!

More to come!

A more in-depth look at the feature will be posted on Wednesday after launch.

A high level roadmap for the 2020 year will also be posted within the following week, which will provide greater clarity on the planned functionality and features.


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