Pay your ultimate or premium account subscription with Txbit Token and trade for free!

We previously published four new features for Txbit Token. We have launched the first feature: Use Txbit Token to vote on your favorite crypto project for a listing on Txbit Exchange. Today we launched the second feature: Use Txbit Token as a payment method to buy your premium or ultimate account subscription. With a premium subscription, the trading fees are only 0.1%, and with the ultimate subscription, you can even trade for 0% fees. YES, for free! Subscriptions are available as monthly or annual subscriptions. A yearly subscription will get you a discount of 20%.

Trade with a discount or even for free for 2500 Txbit Tokens!

How to upgrade your subscription with Txbit Token
Go to, log into your account, and go to your dashboard. Click on your account type and choose your account subscription:

  • Premium — 0.1% trading fee instead of 0.2%
  • Ultimate — 0.0% trading fee instead of 0.2%

Select the upgrade for your account of one month or one year (20% discount) and choose your payment method. To pay with crypto from your Txbit balance, select: “Balance from Txbit” Choose Txbit Token and pay for the account subscription. Congrats! You will now trade with a discount or even for free! Our subscriptions are paid in advance and will automatically stop after the subscription period.

Other Txbit Token utilities

You can also use your Txbit Token to vote on your favorite project with the Txbit Community Coin Vote. The winning project will be listed on Txbit Exchange.

️️️◾️ Vote on your favorite project!
◾️ Add your project to our voting list!

Upcoming utilities to be scheduled

  • Savings feature for Txbit Token
  • Become a VIP with Txbit Token

Txbit Exchange

◾️ Txbit Exchange

Txbit Token trade and buy

◾ ️️️Txbit Exchange (USDT)PanCakeSwap1inch (Dex)Dex-GuruDextools BNBDextools BUSD

Txbit Token ranking and charts

◾️ CoinmarketcapCoingecko ️️ ◾ CoinPaprikaLunarCrushNomics PoocoinCryptorankCoinstatsCoinRankingCoinCodex

Txbit Exchange & token, social media channels

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Txbit Token Whitepaper

📃 Txbit Token Whitepaper >

⚠️ Beware of scammers and impersonators in Txbit social channels like Telegram, Discord, or Twitter. We will never ask you to give us your password, we will never ask you to send funds to unlock your account, deposits, or withdrawals, and do not send any money to anyone claiming to be a member of the Txbit team or staff. We never DM you first!

👀 This publication does not offer investment advice and nothing in here be construed as investment advice. Our publications provide information and education for investors who can make their investment decisions.




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Txbit Exchange

Txbit Exchange

Explore. Discover. Exchange.

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