Cryptotipfr Airdrop on Txbit Exchange and get Free CRTS.

UPDATE 25th of February

Update 1st of March: The payouts for the CRTS Airdrop are done. Every user who met the conditions received 5 CRTS.

Cryptotipsfr (CRTS) is a community token based on ERC-20. The token offers discounts on the Cryptotipsfr platform and cryptotipsfriends shop, different weekly and monthly activities.

Website :
CoinGecko :
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What kind of Airdrop?

Coins per claim : 5 CRTS
Max Participants : 1000 Users
Total airdrop : 5000 CRTS

How to Participate on the Cryptotipfr airdrop?

Step-by-Step Guide (Already account on Txbit):
1. Go to
2. Login into your account
3. Place a buy or sell order on one of the CRTS markets before 25th of February 13:00 UTC.

Terms and conditions

  • A maximum of 1000 winners will be selected at a random date and time before the 25th of February 13:00 UTC;
  • Your order must be open or (partially) filled at the moment that the winners are selected;
  • The Cryptotipfr (CRTS) will be distributed and credited on your Txbit account after the airdrop ends.

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